We're about to head into rehearsals for our current tour of 'Little Red' and we're hoping you'll be out to support us this year come rain or shine (as usual!)

We open in Trentham on July 5th and you have until August 27th to find us somewhere in the UK.

See our tour schedule and venue information to get tickets booked and please remember to check back in and leave us some feedback afterwards!.

Here's what they've been saying about 'Alice' & 'Twelfth Night':

Review by The Sentinel, Staffordshire: "We particularly enjoyed The Tweedle Twins who bore a striking resemblance to The Chuckle Brothers."

@EllieBuxton81: "Fantastic evening...Shakespeare, thanks!"

@Maz P - "Hope you'll be back next year!"

Mrs JM Kelson-Martin - "I just wanted to say what a wonderful time we had. You were all amazing! We loved the characters!"